• For Law Enforcement Executives

    Utilizing this cutting edge mobile application represents a recognized good-faith effort by the department to provide its officers with an integrated mobile technology that is tied directly to officer safety and streamlines on-scene response procedures, investigations, and tactics.

  • For Municipal, County and State Administrators

    Guidant is uniquely priced. Our team creates a customized affordable pricing package that addresses the size and specific needs of each department with the goal of maximizing the value of the application without being cost prohibitive.

  • For Responding Police Officers

    When placed in the hands of officers, Guidant serves as a secure operational platform that allows the officer to effectively acquire or disseminate vital information relevant to any scene or investigation.


Critical Infrastructure Mapping

Guidant provides the conduit for officers to view the layouts of business', schools, malls, residential complexes and faith-based facilities enabling the officer to provide a more rapid and effective response to the threat at hand.

Policies and Procedures

Guidant's application allows for responsive, easily accessible real-time updates for all your departmental guidelines serving as a quick and efficient alternative to cumbersome policy and training binders.

Patrol Guide Access

The flexibility of the Guidant application allows for departments that utilize patrol guides to be able to archive them via a third-party independent server so they can be accessed immediately by the officer.

Real-Time Alerts/Notifications

Recipients no longer need to wait to view urgent matters in their inboxes. Through our customized real-time notification process, important notices can be instantly sent and received without being stored on a user's phone.

Image Upload

Guidant is not just a one-way document repository. Guidant's application is also customized to allow for easy upload and dissemination of images to and from responders in the field that enhances the officer's ability to effectively respond and investigate.

Live Stream Video

Guidant's streaming video segment paints a vivid picture of any incident. The feed is secure and not susceptible to being archived. This allows responders to safely and securely transmit streaming visual data within the chain of command.

How It Works

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Guidant Reduces Risk Through Effective and Rapid Communication

Surrounding officers have been dispatched to assist officers already on location of a critical situation. Pertinent information is being acquired at the scene including imagery for identification purposes. This data needs to be quickly disseminated to all responding officers.

Before Guidant, officers relied on verbal descriptions that resulted in confusion thereby causing unnecessary delayed response. Guidant has the ability to remove that challenge from the equation by allowing the user to gain immediate access to their network of responders.

Guidant Provides A Groundbreaking Accurate and Direct Response Capability

It is imperative for police officers responding to a critical incident to have every possible advantage over the danger they may face. Traditionally, responding officers have relied on floor plan memory which has resulted in quick but inaccurate scene assessments leading to confusion and, more importantly, tactical missteps.

Guidant embraces this shortcoming by delivering a comprehensive expedient alternative. Our critical infrastructure mapping platform allows officers the ability to view floor plans prior to arriving on any scene. With our mapping system, officers are now afforded the opportunity of pre-entry visualization resulting in a tactically sound response.

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Board of Advisors

Paul Goldenberg / Partner & Chairman

In 2014 Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Mr. Goldenberg as a member of the United States Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. In 2015, Secretary Jeh Johnson appointed Goldenberg as Co-Chair of the National Foreign Fighter Task Force, authorized to recommend strategies, policies, and to examine current border, immigration and transportation issues related to violent extremists and foreign fighters. He also currently serves as the Co-Chair of the DHS Secretary's Faith Based Security Advisory Council.

In 2004 the senior leadership of the Jewish Federations of North America and Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations asked Mr. Goldenberg to serve as the National Director of the Secure Community Network, the nation's first faith-based information sharing analysis center recognized by DHS as the national model. Mr. Goldenberg's public career includes more than two decades as the first State Chief of the Office of Bias Crimes and Community Relations in New Jersey leading the nation's first full time State Attorney General's effort focusing on hate crimes and ethnic terrorism, Director of the nation's 6th largest county social service and juvenile justice system, and as a law enforcement official leading investigation efforts for cases in domestic terrorism, political corruption, and organized crime.

From 2004-2009, Mr. Goldenberg played a key role in setting policy for the legislation and investigation of ethnic terrorism and hate crimes in his role as senior law enforcement advisor to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). In the course of his law enforcement career, Mr. Goldenberg received South Florida's most distinguished citation for valor: Officer of the Year, an honor presented after serving in an undercover capacity and as lead agent in one of South Florida's longest term undercover assignments.

Dr. John L. More / Board Member

Dr. John L. More is President and CEO of Response Law, LLC, and is their senior legal instructor. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker with 17 years attorney experience as an insurance defense litigator ~ a great deal of that litigation experience involved defending schools and public agencies. He is a recognized expert in school and public agency law and serves as a consult and negotiator to numerous school districts, police departments, public agencies, and risk management insurance funds. Dr. More is also a much sought after private trainer for schools, first responder, and municipal agencies ~ an example of which he serves as a privately contracted senior legal instructor for the Virginia Center for School Safety, Commonwealth of Virginia, providing legal training for school and police personnel.

Dr. More leads a dual life. His popularity with police, fire, and EMS agencies is not only based on his litigation experience in defending them but in many ways he does their job. For over 35 years he has been serving as a certified emergency medical technician in New Jersey on a volunteer basis; he is also founder and incident commander for an East Coast water rescue response team of combined police, fire, and EMS personnel. He is a task force leader and staging officer for mass mobilization of emergency services in New Jersey.

Our Team

Jay Elhomsi / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Elhomsi's experience in marketing and business strategies coupled with his directional and operational ability make him an excellent Director, Coordinator and Strategist. With his leadership Guidant looks to become a staple in the Law Enforcement community.

Matthew Roselli / Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Roselli's responsibility includes growth-management through sales and marketing. Under his management, Guidant has partnered with numerous agencies throughout the state/country and has experienced exponential growth in the industry.

Matthew Young / Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Young has 15+ years experience in software development and design taking part in projects from web based platforms to mobile and desktop integrations. Implementations ranged from military training platforms, live streaming networks, to mobile video sharing customer applications.

Justin Insalaco / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Insalaco's experience as a municipal police officer in New Jersey inspired the idea, the vision, and eventually, the conceptualization of Guidant. Recognizing the technological gap in the law enforcement industry when it came to fast effective communication, Mr. Insalaco laid out the platform that would become recognized as a trustworthy and able ally to modernized policing.

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