• This app is invaluable

    "As a new sergeant with 20 years of law enforcement experience, this app is invaluable. I can be confident that my officers are handling calls for service according to policy without monitoring every situation. It is even helpful for myself, when I am uncertain in strange circumstances, I can access the policies immediately via my phone! It's great!"

    Sgt. Brian Geraghty / West Windsor PD
  • Guidant is a great tool

    "We are a smaller department and usually do not get an opportunity to acquire much technology due to budgeting constraints. However, budgeting wasn't any issue because Guidant was very affordable. When we broke it down, the value we were getting for the money spent was ten fold, it was a no brainer. My guys didn't always have access to the most critical information but now they do".

    Sgt. Mike Nash / Ship Bottom PD
  • Guidant has removed the barriers

    "Guidant has removed the barriers that have long existed between officers and the information they need to get the job done. This application empowers the user to actively send and receive critical data in real time, thus avoiding traditional communication system failures".

    Chief Robert Weck / Summit PD


Policies and Procedures

Ever forget a policy? Hate scrolling through those huge training binders? This is the solution. Take your already perfected organizational policy and upload onto Guidant. Never forget another policy or procedure again! Easily searchable and always readily available


Forget the noise ordinance? Now you will have it right at your fingertips. Those ordinances that pop up every once in awhile that you can't seem to remember are now always there for you to refer back to.


Finally a tool for the administration that they can actually use. No more stuffing mailboxes, no more sending e-mails, no more missed messages. Send a memo/note out to everyone at real time. If it's an urgent matter feel confident knowing that your message has been in front of the eyes it needs to be.

Critical Infrastructure Mapping

When the worst case scenario happens,; feel confident you have the tools to most effectively handle this situation. School layouts, store layouts, apartments buildings, malls, and much more. Never go in with a blind eye with Guidant guiding the way to safety.

Photo Document Upload

Guidant is not just a one way documet repository system like most others on the market. What sets Guidant apart is the two-way communication. Need to see whats going on in the field to make a decision? Now this is one click away utilizing Guidant's revolutionary Photo Upload system.

Live Stream Video

The second part of the two-way communication. Live Stream Video paints an even more vivid picture for any administrator who is tied up with something else. Live video stream the current situation and feel comfortable doing it because nothing is stored as soon as you cut the feed.

How It Works

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Live, Effective, Communication.

Officers have been dispatched to a missing juvenile or gas station robbery. They are acquiring all the pertinent information. They have a picture of the subject. This data needs immediate dissemination to officers nearby. Your officers now need to rush back to the station, scan the image, and push it out to the MDTs. The process took twenty-five minutes and your subject is gone. With Guidant, the process will allow your department to quickly and securely disseminate that picture, or any other pertinent information directly to your officer's fingertips. Welcome to 21st Century smart mobile policing.

Fast, Direct, Response.

You are a chief of police whose area of responsibility includes a shopping mall. It has doubled in size over the past two years and construction is ongoing. It has become a city in itself, and you are concerned about the drain it has on your department not only for patrol purposes but also for effective and rapid response to any situation that may occur. You are concerned that your patrols may receive a report of shots fired inside that mini city. Privately, you wish that your officers could literally drive their patrol cars down the aisles of the mall to engage the shooter because you know that speed saves time and saving time saves lives. Guidant becomes your officer's response vehicle by providing integral mapping features immediately available on their phone that will guide them directly to any area of the mall without referring to a map or seeking information from a mall employee. Guidant also allows the officer to operate in silent safety unlike the use of a radio, which exposes the officer's position. Guidant fills the gap when it matters most.

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Accessible, Reliable, Knowledge.

Your officer responds to a domestic; Husband and wife. They separate the parties, both have visible signs of injury. The male subject has weapons in the residence. Your supervisor is tied up on an overturned vehicle across town. Of course, the officer knows how to handle a domestic, they've been to hundreds. But what was that latest policy update on handling a domestic with weapons? What are the next steps, after securing the scene? You don't want them to take the wrong steps. They just happen to be drawing a blank. BUT they have their phone, and you've equipped them with access to Guidant. Guidant allows them to review that domestic policy. It gives them step by step on what happens from here. You feel confident in knowing you equipped your force with the necessary tools. In situations of uncertainty, Guidant aids in your answers.

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Board of Advisors

Paul Goldenberg / Partner & Acting Chairman

As President and CEO of Cardinal Point Strategies, Paul Goldenberg is a trusted advisor with a long history of helping to resolve the highest profile and most confidential matters for governments, businesses, academia and NGOs around the world. He is a highly decorated criminal justice executive with broad-based experience that spans domestic and foreign policy, including groundbreaking initiatives in homeland security information sharing, public safety, human rights, conflict resolution and corporate governance.

In February 2010, Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Mr. Goldenberg to the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council's Countering Violent Extremism Working Group. He has testified before the United States Congress, EU and OSCE European body on a number of occasions and has been a regular guest on major television and radio networks worldwide. Mr. Goldenberg presently serves and has served on various national security-related committees sponsored by the U.S. government and non-profit organizations, including sub committees of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, where he currently serves as the Vice Chairman of U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Faith Based Advisory Group.

Mr. Goldenberg continues to remain active in national security policy think tank communities. His current leadership positions include: Principle Counselor to the County Executives of America, representing 700 of the nation's largest county governments; senior advisor to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, representing over 50,000 hoteliers here and abroad; member of the board of directors of several notable technology firms and centers. He recently served as Board Chair of Advisors for the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN), which currently operates many of the nation's law enforcement training networks, and serves on the Board of Advisors for CyberCop, a program originally funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Goldenberg was instrumental in the design and development of the Secure Community Network, the first-ever faith based information sharing center identified by the Department of Homeland Security as the premiere operational model for all NGO and faith based organizations. He also was responsible for introducing the "If You See Something, Say Something" awareness campaign to 50,000 U.S. hotels, in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association

Dr. John L. More / Board Member

Dr. John L. More is President and CEO of Response Law, LLC, and is their senior legal instructor. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker with 17 years attorney experience as an insurance defense litigator ~ a great deal of that litigation experience involved defending schools and public agencies. He is a recognized expert in school and public agency law and serves as a consult and negotiator to numerous school districts, police departments, public agencies, and risk management insurance funds. Dr. More is also a much sought after private trainer for schools, first responder, and municipal agencies ~ an example of which he serves as a privately contracted senior legal instructor for the Virginia Center for School Safety, Commonwealth of Virginia, providing legal training for school and police personnel.

Dr. More leads a dual life. His popularity with police, fire, and EMS agencies is not only based on his litigation experience in defending them but in many ways he does their job. For over 35 years he has been serving as a certified emergency medical technician in New Jersey on a volunteer basis; he is also founder and incident commander for an East Coast water rescue response team of combined police, fire, and EMS personnel. He is a task force leader and staging officer for mass mobilization of emergency services in New Jersey.

Our Team

Jay Elhomsi / CEO

Jason is responsible for the company direction, funding and general operations. Elhomsi gained his experience in the Financial Industry with focus in Marketing and Business Stategy

Matthew Roselli / CSO

Roselli is responsible for the management of the growth through Sales and Marketing Strategy. His brand development and growth strategies expertise comes from his successful and high profile career in the competitive advertising and newspaper industry in Metro New York and his passion in Sales.

Matthew Young / CTO

Matt Young is an experienced software engineer versed in a wide variety of technologies and platforms with several years of development experience.. His passion for delivering high quality, user-friendly applications drives his pursuit of development excellence.

Justin Insalaco / COO

Insalaco is responsible for logistics, database management and market research. Justin is a Law Enforcement officer in West Windsor Township, NJ with 6 years of experience. Through his experience in Law Enforcement Justin soon realized that their was a huge technology gap in his industry, this is what moved him to create Guidant.

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